A few days ago, Redmi finally launched the highly anticipated Redmi K20 and K20 Pro Indian phones in India, with aggressive prices and great specs, but it seems that some Android fans do not appreciate the prices either.

A petition for Xioami Redmi K20 price cut in India on Change.org asked Redmi to lower the price. The introductory price for the handset is INR 22,000 and requires a price reduction of INR 2,000 due to lack of storage.

The petition for Xioami Redmi K20 price cut in India continues to accuse phones with a price of around 20,000 INR and 8 GB / 128 GB of memory, while the RAM and base memory of the K20 is 6 GB or 6 GB. 64 GB.

So far, fewer than 400 people have signed the petition, but it is gradually increasing. We will see where we are going.



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