August12 , 2022

    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Review



    In Recent Years People tend to have multiple devices like laptops, Smartphones, maybe tablets, or Desktop Computer. This is why many companies keep putting out Multi-device Wireless keyboards. Some of them are expensive, other ones are low in price but build quality, user experience is very bad. So, If You are looking for a small portable keyboard, that you could use on a desk, laptop, iPad, or smartphone without spending a lot. Then Flipkart SmartBuy K931T wireless keyboard can be your best option. Flipkart SmartBuy K931T is the best compact full-Size wireless Multidevice keyboard Flipkart is selling.

    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Bluetooth Keyboard in Newly launched wireless keyboard from Flipkart. Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Specification is very strong, it is packed with some of the premium features that are only present in expensive keyboards in the budget segment.

    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Price is Now 1299 on Flipkart because of the festive season ( MRP 2,999 ).On normal days Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Price on Flipkart is 1699 because it is a newly launched keyboard ( Big Billion Days), so, we are not sure what will be the price after the festival season.

    So, in this Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Review article, we will talk about all aspects of this keyboard, like build quality, battery life, feature, key traveling, and many more to find out it is really a good keyboard or just another Chinese product with Flipkart branding.


    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Specification is excellent, you can use this with any device which has Bluetooth or support a 2.4Ghz receiver. It supports almost all operating systems like macOS, Windows, Linux, Andriod, and ios.

    It is 84 Keys full-size keyboard, it has a plastic build and membrane switch with no backlighting.

    The keyboard comes with a 2 AA battery with good battery backup. Flipkart does provide battery life. There is no cable so, This keyboard can only be used wirelessly. After looking at Specification, this could be the best Keyboard Under 2000.


    Width314 mm
    Height145 mm
    Depth24 mm

    SmartBuy K931T is a small keyboard but its weight is 800. which is a lot considering its size. But there are pros of this weight, this keyboard comes with With an integrated cradle, you can place your mobile phone or tablet at a suitable angle for typing, reading, or gaming with ease. This 800g stabilizes when your tablet or phone is in the cradle.

    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Specification

    Build Quality

    The build quality is good. The keyboard is made of plastic and there’s some flex to it, but overall, it feels solid and stable due to some extra weight. Although the keys are stable, the ABS keycaps feel cheap and the keys are pad-printed, which can chip or fade over time. There are no size adjustment feet in this keyboard. There are rubber feet on the bottom to prevent slipping.

    There is No wrist rest, however, most people should be comfortable typing on it due to the keyboard’s low profile. There’s no backlighting on this keyboard, so in low light, you can not use this.

    Wireless Versatility 

    Bluetooth Multi-Device Pairing 2
    USB Receiver yes

    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Bluetooth keyboard can only be connected by Bluetooth or USB receiver and can be paired with 3 devices (2 Bluetooth and one receiver). You can easily switch between devices with dedicated keys ( F10, F11, F12).

    In The Box

    • Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Multi-Device Bluetooth keyboard
    • User guide
    • 2x AAA batteries
    • USB Receiver


    Key Switches MembraneMembrane
    Operating Force 61
    Actuation Force
    Total Travel

    SmartBuy K931T comes with membrane switches that are good for normal uses/ It has good key travel and feels is good when typing. The keys are clicky and a little noisy compare to the membrane switch. Keys are round shape, so it may take some time for us too.

    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Review

    Typing Quality

    Typing quality is good. The SmartBuy K931T keys are stable and the low profile makes it comfortable to type on for a long period. The spacing of the keys is is good, but because of round keys some time you press the wrong key. but it shouldn’t be an issue for most people.

    Typing feels light and responsive, and shouldn’t cause any fatigue. Some main keys like enter, Shift, back are smaller than usual. That makes it a little difficult in starting. Typing noise is little noisy, can we used in office, home. Latency is good there is almost no lag.

    If you are using Mac then you can remap some keyboards for a better experience and use some Karabiner App for extra key mapping for a shortcut like a taskbar, mission control, application menu.


    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T is one of the best wireless keyboards under 2000. It is packed with the premium feature, has a good typing experience, builds quality and battery life.

    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Price is, for Now, is 1299, in this festive season. after that price may be increased to 1699. At this price, it is also a great deal.

    Flipkart Smartbuy K931T Review FAQ

    Flipkart Smartbuy K931T Price In India?

    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Price is, for Now, is 1299, in this festive season. after that price may be increased to 1699. At this price, it is also a great deal. MRP of this product 2,999.

    Where we can buy Flipkart Smartbuy K931T Keyboard?

    off course Flipkart

    How many devices does Flipkart Smartbuy K931T connect at a time?

    3 devices, 2 with Bluetooth and one with a 2.4GHz receiver. There are device switching keys in Function keys.

    Is Flipkart Smartbuy K931T Keyboard have good build quality?

    Yes, it has a plastic build.

    What is the battery life of this Smartbuy K931T?

    No, information but we think it will be more than 6 months.

    Is Flipkart Smartbuy K931T is The Best Keyboard Under 2000

    Yes Flipkart Smartbuy K931T is one of the Best Keyboard Under 2000 because of its feature-packed specs sheet, good build quality, and cheap price.