YouTube TV is now available nationwide in the US


YouTube TV launched almost two years ago but was only available in select markets. As the months passed by, YouTube TV supported more markets around the United States including the four largest local TV broadcasters in 90% of all markets where YouTube TV is available.

Today, YouTube TV has added 95 new markets which covers over 98% of all American households while “the remainder will follow shortly thereafter.”

YouTube TV offers over 60 network channels and even local channels depending on your market. Each $40 per month subscription includes six streaming accounts with individualized recommendations and personal DVR. Cloud DVR storage is unlimited and you can stream your shows from anywhere.

YouTube made the right move by pushing expansion just before one of the United States’ biggest sporting events of the year. The Super Bowl 53 (LIII) kicks off on February 3 at 6:30PM EST. The Super Bowl is also infamously known for featuring the most outlandish commercials that American companies have to offer.

As YouTube TV covers all of the United States, we begin to wonder if and when Google might expand the service to other countries outside of North America – just something to keep in mind.



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