Google continues to experiment with new products and services. The search giant recently withdrew from the Google+ social network after several years. However, Google does not hold back after a mistake on Google+ and creates another social network. Yes, Google launches another social network called Google Shoelace. This is the fifth time Google has tried to succeed in the social arena after the collapse of Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect and Google+.

After Google+ closed in April, Google is back in first place with the top. The name itself speaks of its characteristics for the “connection of humans with each other”. It is based on activities and events that take place near your city. The goal is to “strengthen your social life” by doing things with others who have the same interests. Google Shoelace provides a platform for users with common interests.

Users can organize and participate in events and activities called “loops.” The hyperlocal application is similar to some Facebook events. This is a blessing for those who have recently moved to a new city or want to explore the surrounding area.

This is a product of the Google Workshop – Zone 120, designed to connect in the real world.

The new network is open by invitation only. It even has to do with some communities from which you can get codes. In addition, users can fill out this form to receive the pre-access code. The Laces app is available on both Android and iOS devices.



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