The race for a telescope-free phone has been going on for years and we’ve seen all kinds of bypasses. Notches and cuts in the display to context and slide cameras. New releases show that ZTE is offering a new solution with Zte Axon V and ZTE Axon S.

The Axon V places the front cameras permanently on the right side and attaches to a protruding body part in the upper right corner. This eliminates the need for a motor or a sliding mechanism and it would save valuable space in the device. Speculation leads to a 21/9 screen of 6.8 inches with two cameras on the front and back.

The most interesting design is the Axon S, which uses a horizontal slide mechanism to expose both the front and rear camera. Essentially, the phone only has solid glass on the back when closing. If you move the screen to the right, you will discover the dual selfie cameras as well as the triple configuration and the LED flash on the back.

Although still a concept, the two new ZTE models offer an interesting alternative to unsightly notches and cutouts.

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