Google has finally launched YouTube Music and YouTube Premium Services in India. The price for YouTube Music is 99 INR / month, the price for YouTube Premium is 149 INR / month. YouTube Music is also available for free, but with advertising.

If you’ve already subscribed to Google Play Music, you’ll automatically receive YouTube Music Premium as part of your subscription.

YouTube Music is a streaming music streaming service that lets you easily listen to songs or watch videos as you currently do in the main YouTube application. The premium subscription allows reading in the background and offline download (up to 100) as well as the deletion of ads.

YouTube Premium is not limited to music and applies to all YouTube videos on all devices. This removes ads from all videos and lets you play them in the background. They also have access to YouTube Originals like Cobra Kai and can download more than 100 offline reading titles. It also contains music on YouTube.



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