Redmi’s sub-brand Xiaomi today announced the arrival of the Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro in India and there was more to the event. The company also introduced a special edition of the Redmi K20 Pro version called the Redmi K20 Pro Signature Edition.

The K20 Pro Signature Edition is a luxury device priced at 480,000 INR or 6,970 USD / 6,220 EUR. This is expensive because the back is made of solid gold and bears the “K” logo on the lower right, decorated with diamonds.

K20 Pro Signature Edition unveiled, delivered with pure gold and diamonds. At this price, the K20 Pro Signature Edition is not for everyone and Redmi will only make 20 units of this gold-plated flagship product.

Redmi has not yet released details on the availability and configuration of K20 Pro Signature Edition memory.



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