Imagine the Samsung Galaxy S9 with curved screen left and right. Now transfer the technique up and down. This theoretical ad has just been patented by Xiaomi at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO).

There is no selfie camera in sight, which means that the Chinese company either uses its integrated display solution or omits the front shooter altogether.

Xiaomi patents a New Smartphone Dispaly with 4 Curved edges

The list of WIPO was created by LetsGoDigital and allowed us to visualize what such a smartphone would look like. The patent graphics also include a dual camera with an LED next to it and a USB port at the bottom of the curved screen edge.

The question of whether such a smartphone is marketed, is a mystery, because Xiaomi may need to patent the design to protect it from other companies. You may also want to try Meizu Zero and vivo APEX 2019: Present a concept that lets you make headlines and increase market price without bringing a smartphone to the masses.

Only time will tell us what the truth is, but we hope it will be an early return of a flagship product from Mi.

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