Teaser of the phone appeared online. The device is called Xiaomi Mi 9: Battle Angel and is a product of the partnership between the Chinese manufacturer of mobile phones and the movie Alita: Battle Angel.

The teaser calls attention to the Qualcomm chipset, which was confirmed as the Snapdragon 855. At the lower back there are also the triple camera and the Qi wireless charging coil. There are even fonts like “MIUI” and “Super Mi” that refer to the user interface and technology that is likely to be a technology for increasing CPU capacity for maximum performance.

The Xiaomi Mi 9: Battle Angel will appear alongside the regular versions of Mi 9 on Wednesday, when the company officially introduces the flagship product. It’s interesting to know that the Battle Angel phone arrives earlier than the movie because Alita will be in cinemas in China on Friday, February 22nd.

We have not heard of the official prices yet, but the rumor says it would cost 5,999 CNY, or about $ 885 / € 785.

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