In addition, LetsGoDigital has released very good 3D renderings of the foldable device based on these earlier leaks. The interface shown does not reflect the final MIUI interface that Xiaomi uses on the phone. Xiaomi is considering two names for the prototype. One is “Xiaomi Dual Flex” and the other is “Xiaomi MIX Flex”. Of course, the company can decide not to use one or the other in the end.

The foldable Xiaomi device has two collapsible sections that fold and wrap behind the phone, allowing the user interface to use the center of the device as the only usable area on the phone. Once the phone is open, it will be converted into a wider thin frame tablet mode, and the entire screen area can be used to view apps, watch videos, or anything else.

Interestingly, the renderings do not contain a camera because we could not see any in the video. One can be located behind the middle section of the unit. It is therefore necessary to unfold one or both “shutters” of the display in order to use a camera. It would be a good idea to decenter the camera to take a selfie by folding part of the screen and using it as a viewfinder.

There is a button in the middle of the phone and a USB-C port on the bottom. An atrium should also be located on the upper bezel of the phone. Otherwise, the rest of the phone is left to the imagination.

The smartphone industry has become a bit dated in recent years, and we are increasingly pleased that smartphone companies (many of whom have already confirmed the possibility of installing a folding phone) are pushing the boundaries of innovation in completely new forms for the industry. Future of mobile computing and communication.

Source (Translated) | Source 2


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