Xiaomi will announce the new Xiaomi Black Shark 2 on March 18th and has just pre-registered for the smartphone. You can be one of the first to know when the phone can be pre-ordered on the Black Shark, JD.com and Mi Store websites.

The Black Shark 2 is on the pre-order list – there is a “buy” button, but nothing is done at this point. There is also a price of 9,999 CNY, which is clearly a placeholder. The chance that Xiaomi really requires you to pay $ 1,500 for your gaming smartphone is very small.

Another teaser of the company revealed an artistic representation of the motherboard of Black Shark 2, which was perfectly shaped in the letter S. What’s more interesting is the sign of 12GB of RAM and the Snapdragon 855 image, which confirms the confirmation. These two specifications were discovered a week ago on Geekbench.

The rear of the new phone follows the sleek design of the curve on the back, but it seems that some elements could be light emitting diode strips and glow. This could be one way to inform you about notifications, if you are the kind of person who hides his smartphone.

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