The basic screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 + have unsightly holes for the ultrasonic fingerprint reader to do its job. Not the whitestone dome glass. However, the company believes the Protector is the only solution that does not require a hole.

The key is that the protector should not leave an air gap between itself and the glass – this space is a problem with an ultrasound scanner (but not with an optical drive).

Whitestone’s optically transparent liquid adhesive technology promises to fill in gaps and avoid this problem. All this, however, suggests that you need to attach a screen protector without holes on the S10 and S10 +.

To help you, this glass guard comes with a mounting frame and an ultraviolet light device to ensure a bubble-free installation. A pack of 2 dome glasses for the Galaxy S10 costs $ 60 and can be pre-ordered.



  1. The fingerprint scanner on my S10 Plus does NOT work after installing the Whitestone Dome Glass protector. Not very happy about it after paying as much as I did for it.


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