Currently, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, but it lacks some useful features in competing applications such as telegrams, including Dark mode. WhatsApp has been working in WhatsApp dark mode since last September. We even got a glimpse of what WhatsApp dark mode for iOS would look like. Now we’re happy to announce that the company has begun the trial of this much-needed feature in their Android app.

Unfortunately, we do not see what the chat screens will look like. The reason for this is that WhatsApp only implemented the dark mode on the settings page. We hope that WhatsApp has implemented Dark Mode throughout the Android application at the time of release.

In addition, the Dark Mode app for Android also differs slightly from its iOS counterpart, which is black as a background and therefore compatible with OLED technologies. Android, however, assumes a dark gray color, which makes it less useful on smartphones with OLED panels.



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