April15 , 2024

    vivo V15 Pro arrives with Snapdragon 675 on Geekbench



    Qualcomm has introduced the Snapdragon 675 as an update to the Snapdragon 670 with faster processor cores. We have not seen a device with a chipset yet, but the vivo V15 Pro may be the first smartphone to do so. The handset appeared on Geekbench with the SD675 platform and achieved impressive raw values ​​for a single core and for multiple hearts.

    vivo V15 Pro arrives with Snapdragon 675 on Geekbench

    The results achieved by Geekbench are quite impressive – they are even better than the Snapdragon 710. However, the two do not approach Snapdragon 845 10 nm.

    The vivo V15 Pro arrives on February 20th and we can not wait to see how good it is.

    According to reports released last week, the smartphone includes an AMOLED panel with a UD fingerprint reader, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM, and the ultra-responsive 48MP rear-view camera, which creates 12MP images of difficult conditions. There are two other alleged shooters, but we have not heard anything about their gate yet.

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