Last week, vivo introduced a new sub-brand called iQOO and we wondered what the purpose would be. We assumed it could be a gaming smartphone, but officials have suggested a folding device with a fold-out design.

During the broadcast of the NBA All-Star Game, a TV presenter in China unveiled the smartphone. However, this is just a conventional device with three cameras on the back and the iQOO logo in the bottom left corner, positioned laterally.

If we look at how Huawei and Honor design some of the handsets in landscape format so that the logo is legible, we assume that the iQOO is either a fallout that focuses on the Vivo camera or a gaming device it lacks the aggressive design introduced by other competitors.

Still further in rabbit-hole, vivo had never had a smartphone for photographing with its main snapper. It could also be a mid-light lighthouse performer trying to overthrow Honor Play and Xiaomi Play in the domestic market. The third realistic variant is the new vivo iQOO, a slider similar to Honor Magic 2 and Mi Mix 3.

Although we have not yet seen any real specifications, thanks to the moderator, after all, we know how to pronounce iQOO: it’s tongue in cheek.

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