Top 15 Best Android 11 Features

Top 15 Best Android 11 Feature

Google is following a numerical order of future Android os versions after the Android 9 Pie launch. So Next version of Android is called Android 10. Now in 2020, google is going to launch the next release, and it will be called Android 11. So we will find out Top 15 Best Android 11 Features in the new developer preview that going to make in finale build.

Android 11 developer Preview is already available for download on the official site for Pixel series smartphone since February 2020. There is already 2 Android 11 developer Preview available, and 3rd one will going to open for download this month. After that, there will Android 11 Beta 1, followed by Beta 2 and Beta 3. Then the Android 11 launch on Q3 of 2020.

Top 15 Best Android 11 Feature

Android 11 developer Preview already available, and we some of the Top 15 Best Android 11 features. The Second Android 11 developer Preview update already improved some functions like support for variable refresh rate display, call screening service, foldable smartphone hinge support, and many more. But there is Top 15 Best Android 11 features that will be available in the Android 11 Final build in Q3 2020.

Top 15 Best Android 11 Features

1. Andriod 11 Scheduled Dark Theme

Android 11 this feature is mostly impacted Amoled screen smartphone, and they are going to utilize this feature entirely. You can schedule an Android 11 dark theme on your smartphone.

Andriod 11 Scheduled Dark Theme

There is a lot of bugs present in a dark mode like in some apps text colour doesn’t swap and remain invisible like in google app. Dark is not for everyone, but of every app support that maybe everyone loves that.

2. One Time Permission

Andriod 11 one time permission

Google is working on making Android os more secure, and privacy protected. In Andriod 11, they will introduce a new option where you can give permission to app-only one this time authorization. Then the app is not able to use your location or any other.

3. New Andriod 11 Airdrop Like App

Google Removed Android Beam feature in Android 10. Now in Android 11, they are going to launch a new NFC based File sharing. Google file sharing app will use wifi for the fastest file sharing.

Andriod 11 NFC airdrop like share app

This app lets you share music, image, video, or any other files when you were pressing any other NFC phone against each other. It would be an Apple airdrop alternative for mobile. This will be the Best Android 11 Features.

4. Native Andriod 11 screen recording

Andriod 11 new screen recording

Google confirms that in Android 11, there will be an inbuild screen recording feature. You can use this feature in Android 11 Preview Preview and more refined in Preview 2 like you can mute Notification during screen recording.

5. Increase Touch sensitivity for Pixel

Everyone is using a screen protector, and the problem because of that, it missed a few scrolls or taps. In Android 11, Google will ad Increase Touch Sensitivity options. You can increase this by going to the setting menu. This Best Android 11 Features is only present for Pixel.

6. New Andriod 11 Airplane mode

Andriod 11 New Aiplane Mode

The previous version of Android, when you turn on Airplane mode, it also turns Off Bluetooth. In Airplane 11 it doesn’t kill Bluetooth, so there is no problem when you were using Bluetooth headphones.

7. Andriod 11 Notification History

In Android 11 Developer Preview 2, You can able to see your notification history.

8. Mute Notification during the video

Andriod 11 mute notification

In Android 11, you able to mute Notification during video recording. i think This is the Best Android 11 Features.

9. Improved Notification shade conversion

When you pull notification Pop up, you able to reply that. In the new Android 11, you also able to send images right from the notification tab.

10. New Face Unlock for Google Pixel 4

In Google Pixel 4, there is a significant problem using face unlock it unlock the phone when eyes closed. Android 11 requires eyes open for unlocking. This feature makes your phone more secure.

11. New Gesture control

In Android 1o gesture control, users faced issues in specific app listing. But in Android 11 gesture control, you able to control the sensitivity of the following features.

12. Andriod 11 Bubble chat

Android 10 google introduced the Chat bubble feature. With new Android 11, they are going to push this harder and support for 3rd Party app.

Andriod 11 Bubble

13. Motion sense feature

Andriod 11 motion sense

it is a Google pixel feature, and it allows you to control pause/play with just a motion gesture while leasing music. In Android 11 Motion gesture feature will be available for all devices.

14. Share Menu Pinning

In Android 11, you will able to pins shortcut and app to the share menu. This feature present in Android 10 developer preview but not in finale build. So hopefully, present in the Android 11 final build.

15. New API

In 2020 there are two exciting features, one is 5G, and another one is Foldable screen. So in Android 11, there will be 2 Major new API present. One for 5G smartphone and other for Foldable screen.

These are Top 15 Best Android 11 Features but there are some new features appears in Developer Preview

Some Extra Top 10 Best Android 11 Features

  1. Scrolling screenshots – It is Finally Available in New Os
  2. Screenshot Preview – IN DP2 when you screenshot there will be a preview that appeared in the bottom left.
  3. Resume On boot –  In this feature when Andriod 11 phone reboots after OTA update. It is able to access credential Encrypted storage so it can receive menages right away. 
  4. Share Battery – You can reverse the charge you accessories this feature will be present on Google Pixel 5.
  5. New DND – You can customize is with App, People and there is some advance obtain also present.
  6. Wifi – Debugging – In New Andriod 11 you will able to debug your phone with wifi.
  7. Show Refresh Rate – This Feature present in the Developer Setting.
  8. Music Control in Notification Bar – This obtain also available in DP and maybe also present in Finale Build. You are able to control Music in notification control panel like IOS.
  9. Better Edge Control – There is a Lot of smartphone company start using curved display so in Andriod 11 google adds some feature so there will be a seamless experience while using it.  The existing DisplayCutout.getSafeInset…() methods now return the safe inset to avoid waterfall areas as well as cutouts. To render your app content in the waterfall area
  10. Biometric Authentication strength – Android 11 introduces the BiometricManager.Authenticators interface, which defines the following levels of authentication strength:

Android 11 release date

There s not the official released date when the Android 11 launch. But There are chances Android 11 released date in September month. It will first come on Pixel devices.



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