Earlier in the day, a huge leak of the Samsung Galaxy S10e showed something more about the entry-level Samsung Galaxy S10. A few hours later, there were three major leaks that occurred around the same time, all related to the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. 1.) The phone has appeared in several new live photos. 2.) A number of new phone renderings have leaked. 3.) The Galaxy S10 + can charge a new product wirelessly: the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Let’s see live images first. SaudiAndroid has released four handy images of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 + on Twitter that confirm many rumors. For beginners, the built-in fingerprint scanner is a safe feature for the Galaxy S10 and S10 + (the Galaxy S10e has a built-in on / off switch) and both have a triple camera.

Then WinFuture released a huge gallery of Samsung Galaxy S10 renderings in black, white and green. The white model seems to be a kind of hyper-reflective white (perhaps pearl-shaped?). Check the link to source 2 to find all renderings.

WinFuture also included the side-by-side rendering of Ceramic Black and Prism Black, one matte and one glossy. In addition, the same report shows us the difference in visual scale between the normal Samsung Galaxy S10 and the larger Galaxy S10 +.

Finally, WinFuture released a new pair of completely wireless headphones sitting on the back of a Samsung Galaxy S10 +. This confirms that the largest level of the phone has an inverted wireless charging function like that of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. The wireless headphones themselves seem to be much more refined compared to Samsung’s Gear Icon X and could be described as Samsung Galaxy Buds.

The bud-case could also be compatible with wireless charging, as shown in the following rendering. The green LEDs on the case light up, indicating that the case and buttons are charging.

samsung Galaxy Buds 2019

It is rumored that the Samsun Galaxy Buds would cost around € 149 and could be well positioned to compete directly with Apple’s AirPod Wireless.

Samsung will have a very long time to announce three variants of the Samsung Galaxy S10, the Samsung Galaxy Buds, a Galaxy Sport smartwatch, and a collapsible Samsung Galaxy F smartphone. This will be Samsung’s biggest unpacked event for a long time, and it’s all on the 20 February in San Francisco.

Source: SaudiAndroid via 9to5Google | WinFuture (Translated) | Source


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