Xiaomi is known for looking after his smartphones and offering software updates for all types of devices. The latest news from the MIUI forums has shown that ten phones will receive the Android Pie operating system, two of them by the end of March with Global Beta. Five more will arrive in June, three phones have no schedule, but their updates are also in progress.

Fortunately, the list applies to all Xiaomi device owners on MIUI China and MIUI Global ROMs. Once the beta is ready for public testing, the company should announce it in its forums and in its application.

An administrator of the panel made it clear that the list was not exhaustive. Once the manufacturer has decided that another phone that already uses Oreo is ready for failover, the official release will be updated.

We already tested Android Pie on a Xiaomi smartphone when we reviewed the Mi 9. the nuance of the notification, etc. Normally, Xiaomi does not associate UI updates with the operating system package. always with an old MIUI.

Source (in Chinese)


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