Telegram update adds fully customizable chat backgrounds

Telegram update adds fully customizable chat backgrounds

Telegram releases version 5.3 of the app for iOS and Android and brings a completely redesigned wallpaper system. Users can now choose from a variety of embedded images for their discussion background. If they do not find what they want, they can learn more with the in-app search feature or even download and use their own images.

The image adjustment process has also been updated. You can now blur the image, which improves the readability of the conversation on certain images. Unfortunately, the blurring effect is quite strong and makes the picture so blurry that it is no longer recognizable. A slider with blur control would have been fine. You can also turn on the motion effect, which creates a parallax effect with the background image when you physically tilt the device.

You can also have a pattern in the background. You can choose the background color of the pattern as well as the pattern itself from a number of available options.

After selecting a background, you can activate it with one click on all your devices. You can also share your personal background so they can define it.

The Android update is now available for download. The iOS version has some issues because of a temporary issue with the App Store that prevents some applications from being upgraded, but should be available soon.


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