Following legal issues with Spotify india with record companies, the streaming service is now up and running for some users in India. The company had to reach an agreement with two record companies that did not move with the market.

We’re pleased with today’s outcome. It ensures songwriters, artists, labels, and publishers will benefit from the financial opportunity of the Indian market and that consumers will enjoy an excellent Spotify experience. As we’ve said all along, we’re hopeful for a negotiated solution with Warner based on market rates.

Sony and Universal signed without any problems, but the negotiations with Warner were a bit more complicated. The label was even accused by Spotify “abusive behavior”. Warner’s actions have a negative impact on non-Warner artists and publishers. To avoid this, Spotify applied for a license for use by television and radio. When Warner filed a lawsuit against Spotify in India, she was shot dead.

Screenshots: XDA Developer
Spotify’s prices in India are aggressive. It lowers Apple Music from a single INR at its monthly premium subscription cost. You can use the free version of Spotify, which is supported by ads and limited song jumps. The price of the premium is as follows. The more premiums you pay, the longer the discount will take.

1 day for 13 INR
7 days for 39 INR
1 month for 129 INR
3 months for 389 INR
6 months for 719 INR
1 year old for 1189 INR
50% discount / month for students
Now that Spotify is available with Google Play Music and Apple Music, how do you rate the two services? Will you ever switch to try Spotify?

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