A few days ago we reported blurry presentations of Sony Xperia XA3, which seems to be handled in the wild. Today we can show you the fuzzy source of these blurry renderings: a short (and a little hectic) practical video of the camera in nature.

The video does not add any new information to the rendering, but suspends a working device.

The Sony Xperia XA3 has a larger screen size of 21: 9 than usual, with a thin lower bezel and a thick top (probably because it houses the handset, the selfie camera and the speaker). Rumor has it the Xperia XA3 will have a CinemaWide display of 5.9 inches 1080x2560px while the Xperia XA3 Ultra will have 6.5 inches.

The video shows us that when an application modifies the upper aspect of the Xperia XA3 correctly, a thick black bar is placed at the bottom. The Xperia XA3 has 4GB of RAM, 64GB of expandable memory, a 3500mAh battery and a rear camera (for a combination of 23MPa and 8MPa).

Sony will be unveiling the Xperia XA3 (possibly alongside Xperia XZ4 and XA3 Ultra) at the Mobile World Congress later this month.

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