Sony video teases phones with 3D ToF cameras

Sony video teases phones with 3D ToF cameras

In 2015, Sony acquired the Belgian company Softkinetic, which produced 3D time-of-flight cameras called DepthSense. Sony has released a picture titled “Life with DepthSense” yesterday showing various possible applications for phones with 3D ToF cameras.

The first idea of ​​virtual 3D graffiti, friends and family, you can leave drawings and notes that you can explore with your phone. The following concept (1 minute) puts the ToF camera in the spotlight for improved animated selfies.

There are also entertainment options, such as shooting robots with machine guns (1:15). Such a phone can also help you make your purchases (1:50) by specifying the exact dimensions of the items you are considering (for example, does my iPad fit into this purse?).

Yesterday we saw a report claiming that the Sony Xperia XZ4 included a 3D ToF camera. The publication of this video is no coincidence.
Whatever the “phone” used in the video, its angles are far too rounded off to be one of the current Xperias (more than likely that this is just a model with CGI magic).

In the meantime, a leak annoys the name “Xperia α1” compared to a new phone camera. It promises an auto-focus of .02 seconds, the fastest in the world of smartphones (Sony’s current 0.03-second autofocus) and real-time tracking.

Sony video teases phones with 3D ToF cameras

This is related to the mirrorless Sony a6400 camera, which provides an AF of 0.02 s.

The specifications of the Xperia XZ4 have leaked in detail, although we are still not convinced by the 52MP sensor. On the 25th of February we will ensure the cameras α and Time of Flight.

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