Save the date: Google I/O 2019 schedule and venue are official

Save the date: Google I/O 2019 schedule and venue are official

The rare but still intriguing details come from Sundar Pichai himself. He recently went on Twitter to give up the time from 7 to 9 May as well as a well-known place – the Amphitheater of the Shore. The California Mountain View Spot has been Google I / O’s most popular spot for the past three years, making it easy to read.

However, what is infinitely more difficult to define or guess is the agenda and announcements that Google has announced for the conference. However, we can try to make some informed assumptions, or at least take stock of what we know online Titan is currently working behind the scenes.

Since I / O is a developer conference, we do not doubt that the new version of Android OS Q will be highlighted on stage. We’ve had a quick overview of Android Q recently, due to a beta leak, and there are a number of things we’re already looking forward to on the surface. A dark, system-wide topic and a reorganized permission model, just to name a few. Hopefully we’ll get more detailed information about Android Q at I / O 2019. Maybe with a hint of Google’s next name for the desert theme.

As far as the material is concerned, it is certainly too early for a Pixel 4 family, but the Pixel 3 Lite has left and right leaks. We even assume that eventually an “XL” version of the Lite will come out, but the information was, to say the least, concise and contradictory. Let’s hope that Google has decided to shed light on this front, too.

Google I/O 2019 schedule and venue are official

For more information, visit the Google Coral online sites page and select the text you want. The test covers the features of the Android Snapdragon 855 chipset, the Android app for Android – high-resolution portals of the public. Notre meilleure hypothèse on “Google Coral” is a portable device that is especially suitable for portable computers. More than a matter of pure speculation and purpose, certain professors will receive Google’s complementary informational material for your business.

Google I/O 2019 schedule and venue are official

This will help you learn more about new technologies and related products that you can read on the Google homepage. A new technology for Fossil’s smartwatch technology for $ 40 million. Incidentally, the FCC is a member of the Soli project.



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