We’re in the unpacked 2019 Samsung Overdrive News, which means more leaks – almost every hour, it seems, at this time. The latest leaks affect the entire range of Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Watch E and Galaxy Buds portable apparel.

The leak actually comes from the Samsung Wearable app, but was discovered by Mishaal Rahman of XDA – the standout spot Mishaal! The app confirms the entire new apparel line and even includes a range of high-quality renderings for each device.

At this point, you would expect with an aluminum hat that Samsung does it honestly and intentionally to hide the entire technology industry in the Unpacked 2019 News Ultimate.

Regarding each device, we know something about Galaxy Buds. These wireless headphones have support for Bluetooth 5.0 and have an estimated 8GB of internal memory. You can also be charged with the Powershare feature of the next Galaxy S10 – the perfect companion. Finally we see these atria outside the carrying case.

The Galaxy Watch Active has also been leaked a few times. The application seems to show the 40mm crown, but it seems that there is no rotating dial. It seems that there is at least no rotating element of the playback.

The Galaxy Fit and the Galaxy Fit E are clearly simple fitness groups that can attack the FitBit, the beautiful Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and so on. It has a kind of wraparound display that is probably comfortable, but accessible when you play sports.



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