While the Samsung Galaxy Fold will feature the first device in the manufacturer’s range with a folding screen, we know that other offerings are in development and one of them is outwardly working. What that might look like is shown in a new Samsung patent for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, which WIPO published in January 2019.

According to the patent sketches, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 appears as a compact fairy even when fully open. The hinge in the center allows the device to expand in full-screen mode and, interestingly, to lock securely with a small zipper on the back of the device. This mechanism would appear to prevent unwanted wrinkles, but it remains to be seen how it will withstand daily use.

Details about the other components such as cameras and ports are not visible here. It remains to be seen when Samsung will continue to drive this unique design. However, the previous report stated that the company would publish such a design in the last years of 2020.

Source (in Dutch)


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