A picture of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Version Cinnabar Red Color comes from China. It complements the color choices of the upcoming flagship product, which will be black, white, and green (based on all recent reports). There will be a yellow color exclusive to S10e, so red can be limited to S10.

Samsung may be launched Samsung Galaxy S10 in new Cinnabar Red

Speaking of boundaries: The source of this image may not be a coincidence – red is an important color in China and symbolizes happiness and joy. This is especially common during the Chinese New Year, but these must end before the S10 is introduced. Nevertheless, cinnabar has been used in China since antiquity for decorative purposes.

Another option is that it will be a limited edition after a fandom has been judged by this avatar (we must admit that this is not a character we – and you – know).

However, insider reports are pretty consistent on the color options of the Galaxy S10, and red has not been mentioned for a long time. We do not doubt that one day a red S10 will be released, but it is not clear if it will be a launch color.

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