Samsung Launched New Re-designed Samsung Galaxy Fold with some major Fixes

Samsung Launched New Re-designed Samsung Galaxy Fold with some major Fixes

The mythical Samsung Galaxy Fold has been redesigned and the Samsung believes that it is finally ready to launch. An official relaunch has not yet taken place, but Samsung took the opportunity to present its mobile phone before the official launch. and maybe Samsung will be the first company to launch a foldable smartphone to the masses and it’s a taste of the future.

We said the same in April when Samsung was preparing to launch the Galaxy Fold. So what has changed? At the time of launch, the testers/YouTubers found that galaxy Fold design has many issues and that dirt penetrated tiny holes in the phone, making the phone catastrophic after just a few days. Samsung has taken all these devices, has returned to the drawing board and in September it is finally ready with the final version and the (hopefully) Fully Fixed Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The specs and features have not changed, The newly introduced Galaxy Fold still contains the same specs like Snapdragon 855 chip, with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of memory. The screens are the same small AMOLED screen 4.6 “in front and the same massive AMOLED screen 7.3” inside, which is the star of the show. And yes, the price of almost $ 2,000 has not changed. So there are no changes, but there is a solution. Here are all Samsung Galaxy Fold Fixes and improvisation on hardware and software.

Galaxy Fold Fixes

  1. The plastic part that looks like as like a screen protector is now tucked underneath.
  2. Plastic caps on the top and bottom areas around the hinge so no dust will enter the screen and damage it.
  3. . Samsung has further minimized the already minimal gap between the hinge and the front and back of the phone. This is another way to ensure that no dust objects enter the phone.
  4. Samsung has added layers of metal under the screen to reinforce it and make it more solid to the touch.
  5. Android navigation buttons are now moved at the bottom right part of the screen.  you can still change it the position pf nav bar.

Galaxy Fold Specification

SpecsSamsung Galaxy Fold
Outer Screen4.6-inch “Cover Display” AMOLED screen, 840 x 1960px
Inner (Main) Screen7.3-inch AMOLED screen with a notch, 1536 x 2152 px
ProcessorSnapdragon 855
Storage512GB + microSD support
CamerasSix cameras total
3 front cams: 10MP on Cover, 10MP + 8MP depth on main
3 rear cams: 12MP main + 12MP telephoto + 12MP ultra-wide
Battery4,380 mAh
Price$1,980 in the United States



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