The Samsung Galaxy S10+ has only a few days, but it already has a software update to solve some critical software and security issues. And more importantly, you can reassign the Bixby key.

According to the change log, the update removes some minor and critical vulnerabilities commonly associated with Samsung’s Android operating systems and firmware. It also fixes some annoying issues with the standard camera app and improves the accuracy and speed of the fingerprint reader under the screen. We had a lot of problems with the new technology and we are curious about how Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint reader behaves after the update.

The camera app will also be integrated deeper into Instagram. You can publish videos and photos directly to your feed via the Standard Camera app.

So far, only reports indicate that the Galaxy S10 + has received the update online in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and France. Maybe the market offer will be expanded in the next few days.



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