Did you hear that the integrated fingerprint reader on the Samsung Galaxy S10 does not work with screen protectors? This is more than a rumor. Watch this short practical video with the Galaxy S10 + released by Mobile Fun.

The large round hole of the screen protector is clearly visible. In fact, it is a little painful to the eyes.

Current display drives are optical, so a transparent screen protector is not a problem. However, the readers of the Galaxy S10 are ultrasound machines and apparently they do not like objects on the glass.

The Galaxy S10e fixes this issue by placing the fingerprint reader on the side power switch.

However, the FP player is not the only thing that requires a hole in the screen protector. As you can see in the video, the selfie camera also needs a hole (a pill-shaped hole) of the S10 +, rounded to the other two).



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