Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G DxOMark charts for both main camera and selfies

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G DxOMark charts for both main camera and selfies

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G DxOMark is highest in the main categories of camera and selfie. Since the only difference between the 5G model and the Galaxy Note10 + connected to the LTE is only the 5G modem, the rating also applies to this model.

Let’s start with the main camera. The Samsung Galaxy Note10 + DxOMark score is 113 higher than that of the Huawei P30 Pro. By breakdown, the rating has a photo rating of 118, which is just one point behind the Huawei. Although the main camera is almost identical to the Galaxy S10 5G (which is the overall rating of the Huawei P30 Pro), Samsung has optimized the image processing algorithms and achieved better results.

The Galaxy Note10 + 5g makes great pictures with a wide dynamic range in a variety of lighting conditions. The only thing that hides behind the Huawei is very dark scenes (1 lux). The focus is fast and accurate, the flash also received a high rating.

The telephoto camera now has a clearer aperture of 1: 2,1 (the S10 5G had 1: 2,4). The phone retains more detail in textures, even in low light conditions. In addition, portraits bokeh and skin rendering has been significantly improved. Nevertheless, the 2x zoom is rather short compared to some competitors.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G DxOMark video score of 101 is the highest ever. With the Galaxy Note10 + recorded 4K videos are characterized by a high level of detail, vibrant colors, and a large dynamic range. Since autofocus and object tracking is fast and accurate, image stabilization has proven to be effective (DxOMark does not seem to have tested Super Steady mode because it only works in 1080p).

With 99 points for the selfie camera pushes the Galaxy Note10 + Zenfone 6 from the front row. The score is 103 points for the photos and 93 points for the videos (the Zenfone has 101 or 93 points).


The front camera delivers excellent photos and videos under a wide variety of shooting conditions. His auto-focus skills are among the best, as is his ability to flash selfies. The Bokeh mode leaves much to be desired.

Note that the smaller Galaxy Note10 (LTE and 5G) uses exactly the same selfie camera and a nearly identical rearview camera. It lacks the 3D ToF sensor, but it does not play a big role in DxOMark’s testing.

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