In the past, Samsung has often combined its new flagship product with a premium headset, and the Samsung Galaxy S10 is no exception. Instead of an AKG headset, you get the new Galaxy Buds.

Samsung Galaxy Buds can be charged wirelessly from Galaxy S10 phones and also need them, as the heads themselves have only 58 mAh batteries and the case has 252 mAh more. Compare that to the IconX Gear (2018), which had 82 mAh in the buds and 340 mAh in the case.

And those who were not really famous for their drums. Using the Galaxy S10 inverse wireless charging is only a partial solution: even if you have bought one, these buttons can play music without a phone.

The Galaxy Buds can be operated with the double offline memory of IconX in stand-alone mode, a total of 8 GB (that should be enough for about 2,000 songs). They also upgraded to Bluetooth 5.0 (from 4.2). The new buttons retain their transpiration resistance index (IPX2).

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Buds alongside the S10 and place them in the pre-order promotion of some countries. They should be sold separately at about the same time as S10 (early March).

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