Samsung explains the improvements brought by the Exynos 9820 in pictures

Samsung Exynos 9820

Samsung introduced the Exynos 9820 chipset at the end of last year. “The driving force behind the radical transformation of the mobile experience is a sub-surface mobile processor,” the company said in a message detailing the brain of the future Galaxy S10.

Tri-Cluster processor The new GPU offers 40% more power or consumes 35% less power Tri-Cluster Processor • The new GPU offers 40% more power or consumes 35% less power

The 9820 processor has a three cluster configuration with a combination of Samsung custom cores and ARM designs. Heavy tasks are assigned to two M4 cores, which are 20% faster than the previous M3 cores. There are then two Cortex-A75 cores for optimal performance and four A55 cores for basic tasks.

GPU wins outperformed the CPU. The new 12-core design of the Mali G76 is 40% faster than last year’s GPU. The Galaxy S9 had an 18-core graphics processor, but G76 cores have twice as many threads as the G72. Each new heart is therefore comparable to two old ones.

The new flagship product from Exynos is based on an 8nm LPP process that consumes 10% less power than the last 10nm LPP process.

To support the new generation of mobile phones with multiple cameras, the chipset supports up to 5 modules (instead of 4). A 10-bit HEVC codec can record 8K video.

8K mobile screens are expected to be available in the coming years, so the new chipset focuses on improving 4K support. It can process 4K displays with HDR10 + and dynamic tone mapping.

The new NPU is 7 times faster The new LTE modem can download up to 2 Gbit / s The new NPU is seven times faster • The new LTE modem can download up to 2 Gbps

AI has become indispensable and the new neural processor unit (NPU) is seven times faster than the Galaxy S9 (anyway the Exynos version). In this way, the phone can automatically perform learning tasks locally without having to resort to the cloud, which is faster and safer.

The Exynos 9820 comes with a modem compatible with Cat LTE-Advanced Pro. 20 speeds – up to 2 GBit / s downloads. For 5G phones, it can be paired with an Exynos 5100 modem.



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