SamMobile today released a new report that includes information on Samsung’s next flagship product. No, it’s not about the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but about Samsung’s other flagship, the Galaxy Note. A source tells SamMobile that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on the back will have a four-camera system.

The assumed model number is SM-N975F. The weird thing about this number is that it does not end with a “0”, as with all previous Galaxy Note model numbers. The reason is that the next note could come in both 4G-LTE and 5G flavors, as 5G is not widely used yet.

We do not know if the next Galaxy Note uses the same four cameras already installed on the Galaxy S10 5G, or if it brings something new to the table. We think we could see exactly the same configuration for the next note device.

According to rumors, the Galaxy Note10 has a large screen of 6.66 inches with probably the same aspect ratio of 19.5: 9 and offers about 8% more surface area. Note 10 is also codenamed “Da Vinci,” and although rumors suggest that the Galaxy S10 would change its naming scheme (which is currently pretty wrong), we can not say too much about it. Note 10, at least without skepticism.

According to other rumors, Samsung will remove the 3.5mm headphone jack of the new note, and if the absence of a headphone jack for the Galaxy Fold is a consequence, this may be true. There were even rumors about a possible camera sensor, which is integrated in the S Pen, as a patent from Samsung shows.

In any case, the launch of the Galaxy Note10 is still far away. It may be launched in Europe this year at the IFA. With Samsung’s recent activities, Samsung is likely to organize its own unpacked kick-off event near IFA in early September.



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