Reliance JioPhone 3 will be an all touch smartphone for $63

JioPhone 3 will be an all touch smartphone for $63

Indian Carrier company Reliance Jio launched a simple phone, the Jio Phone, which quickly became the 10th global brand, not to mention the largest provider in the local market, where it is by far the largest supplier. However, the company wants to inform more and one member of the executive board (anonymously) about the jiophone 3.

JioPhone 3 will be an all touch smartphone for $63

It will be a touchscreen smartphone with a 5-inch screen. The chipset is unknown, but it has 2GB of RAM and generous 64GB memory (plus a microSD slot). It’s powerful enough to use Android, but it’ll be interesting to see if Jio chooses the full version or the lighter version of Andriod Go.

As a result, the Jiophone 3 will be more expensive, if you can call it that – 4,500 INR (55 euros). That’s still more than the 1500 INR for the original and 3000 INR for the rest of the QWERTY package.

However, the additional money makes it possible to buy better cameras, 5 MP rear and 2MP front (instead of 2 MP / 0.3 MP previously).

The JioPhone 3 is expected to be launched in India in June with pre-orders starting next month and sales starting in August. It will be available in the stores of Jio, Reliance Digital and the Jio website.

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