Yesterday, Redmi said he would make an important announcement on Monday. True to its promise, Redmi has released an announcement for its with a 64MP Camera Smartphone. Possibly the new Redmi model beats the brand’s Realme and Samsung and launches the world’s first 64MP Camera Smartphone.

Redmi published a camera sample of his 64-megapixel smartphone on his official Weibo account earlier in the day. Technically speaking, we have not received original patterns of the phone. However, the teaser zooms into the image of the cat to show the exact details around his eye. Unfortunately, that’s all we got from the official trailer. Realme and Samsung would both be working with 64-megapixel smartphones, but their launch is expected later this year. In fact, Madhav Sheth, the CEO of Realme, released some examples back in June to give us an overview of the details of the level of his 64-MP phone. Since the beginning of June, there are rumors about a 64-megapixel smartphone from Redmi on the Internet. We have already discovered terms like “64MP UltraPixel Mode” and “64MP Dual Cameras” in the MIUI Camera App



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