Redmi Note 7 fails in jerry Rig everything actual durability test

Redmi Note 7 fails in jerry Rig everything actual durability test

The Redmi Note 7 is available at an impressive price and with a 48 MP camera and will be sold in just 30 days in a million copies. The president of the company shared many script videos from China in which the camera was abused. Today, JerryRigEverything has released its durability test, which reveals many vulnerabilities in the $ 150 smartphone.

The fold test revealed that the plastic frame’s weaknesses were around the on / off button and next to the SIM card slot. A phone may accidentally bend when in your pocket. A third time makes the Redmi Note 7’s LCD unusable: The back is covered with a Gorilla 5 glass with an extra layer, but this does not prevent the panel from being broken into millions of pieces.

Lu Weibing, the president of Redmi, shared videos with Weibo, using Note 7 as a skateboard, as a chopping board where a durian fell on the screen and people trudged on it. The abusive clips tried to tell us how cheap the cheap Midranger is.

Such extreme situations rarely occur in real life, but it is good to know that the Redmi Note 7 does not need much to spin and break when going beyond the resolution.


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