Redmi India throws shade at Samsung Galaxy M series and Promote Redmi Note 7

Redmi throws shade at Samsung Galaxy M series

India is a crucial market for both Xiaomi and Samsung, and companies are doing everything they can to stay ahead, even if it means taking the lead over their competitors. Xiaomi said the Redmi Note 7 will make you turn your head and after you’ve shown a reverse photo of Lei Jun and Manu Kumar Jain, the campaign goes even further.

Xiaomi says a cell phone with a TFT screen is just too old, exposing a shady M screen and sneering openly at the screen of the Galaxy M20. The company also puts a strong focus on the phone’s 48-megapixel camera, suggesting that the Galaxy M20 shooter should have no wiping problems.

Redmi throws shade at Samsung Galaxy M series

It also seems to say, “Good with those who wait,” is another way of saying, “Our cell phones are not yet ripe for the Indian market.” Xiaomi is worried and hopes to save time until her answer shelves the shelves.

Redmi throws shade at Samsung Galaxy M series

Xiaomi turned the picture upside down earlier this year
Although this entire poster is presumptuous and chaotic, Xiaomi is currently a leader in the Indian market and is dominated by affordable starters. The Redmi Note 7 should be a bestseller, especially if the Chinese manufacturer manages to keep the low price between 150 and 200 US dollars.



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