One Plus 8 Pro Review is this a True Flagship?

OnePlus 8 Pro Review is this a True Flagship?

Finally, the true One Plus Flagship is here is not just a High Price tag, of course, it is, but now I am talking about the experience, the smoothness premium feel. They almost touch every flagship criteria and through all-new hardware possible. In this One Plus 8 Pro Review post we really check it how it performs.

The new Bleeding edge high-end specs surprise us when we see a new One Plus device. It’s kind of what they’re known for; they have done fantastic work previously at a low price, then why we are excited or new One Plus 8 Pro that is $200 higher than already a powerful, gorgeous One Plus 8.

one Plus 8 Pro specs sheet

There are many questions is One Plus 8 Pro is truly a Flagship Premium Smartphone or just a Flagship Killer with high Price Tag with this One Plus 8 Pro Review post we have to check it.

Design and Build

We still have a very familiar One Plus design and the same experience. A Gorilla Glass 6 Protected front and back. On the back a huge camera bump with One Plus Logo. The alert slider is my favorite feature in One Plus devices, but I’m surprised more phones haven’t copied Yet.

one Plus 8 Pro design

Back is contoured Matte AG glass finishes the design delivers a unique look and feel. Front side a Punch hole cut on the left side of the display that looks amazing and less disturbs you when watching videos.

They always tend to leave out little features that don’t feel essential, but this year with One Plus 8 Pro, they finally add IP68 certification and wireless charging.

One Plus 8 Pro Display

When you get around to the front, and you’re looking at the new Gorgeous, Smooth, color-accurate AMOLED display, which upgraded in every way that counts from last year One plus 7 Pro display.

one Plus 8 Pro display

So this is a 6.78″ QHD+ Curved display and 120 Hz refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling. This display is a piece of art with 10-bit Colour, and Display Mate says it’ t their most color-accurate display ever with an A+ rating.

The color is excellent, calibration is excellent, and one of the favorite things is a lot of brightness, which is excellent. With a 120 Hz refresh rate and a 240Hz touch sampling rate, this display is one of the best displays on the smartphone. You can use 120Hz at QHD resolution, or you can use the 60Hz option to save battery.

When you use QHD resolution with 120Hz at the expense of battery. The high refresh rate is not constant.

It is the variable refresh rate and steps down to 60Hz. When you’re just sitting around not doing anything, or on Home screen and some app that does not support 120Hz.

There is still an optical fingerprint reader underneath that screen. It doesn’t appear to be any bigger or faster, but still fairly reliable for me.

yes, The edges are still curved over both sides. And this is my least favorite feature of this display. I still get accidental touches. Like really I realized the idea is it looks cool, and it’s edgeless and futuristic.

One Plus 8 Pro Processor

One Plus 8 Pro specs are high end, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, 12GB LPDDR5 RAM, and UFS 3.0 storage. One Plus 8 Pro is a 5G smartphone because of the X55 modem and supports SA/NSA 5G modes.

one Plus 8 Pro processor specs

One Plus 8 Pro is a very smooth smartphone because they use the best processor for Mobile, and they have the best custom ROM Oxygen Os. This Os gives you a near-stock experience. They also add some new features like Always-on-display and new dark theme, live caption, and dynamic wallpaper captain.

one Plus 8 Pro processor specs

One Plus 8 Pro support google Stadia out of the box. There is also dedicataed gaming mode called Fnatic mode to eliminate notifications and maximize gaming performance.

One Plus 8 Pro Camera

One Plus smartphone always struggles with there camera experience. So in One Plus 8 Pro, there is the quad-camera on the back of the phone with some big numbers.

One Plus 8 Pro had a new Sony IMX689 48MP camera with OIS. Then there is a 48MP Sony IMX586 ultra-wide sensor with Macro mode. Fun fact, it is the same sensor as the primary camera from the One plus 7 Pro.

Then there’s the 3X telephoto camera, and believe it or not, the fourth One is a five-megapixel color filter camera.

one Plus 8 Pro camera comp

One Plus 8 Pro Camera Produce sharp 12 megapixel images with excellent dynamic range and colors. A bit overexposed. Sometimes that’s where it misses, but generally, these are beautiful photos.

The night mode is pretty good, which is nice. Optical zoom is 3x, but you can digitally zoom at 30x from that telephoto camera. I don’t think it’s very usable at 30x it’s barely available Galaxy S20 Ultra 100X is still going to be the zoom champ for that sort of range. But 3X Zoom is usable.

One Plus 8 Pro Camera video is also good, especially with Colour and stabilization at 4k. There is no 8k video recording is here.

A 16MP selfie sensor produced some excellent images, but it still struggles with proper exposure.

The camera was the worst part of the phone last year as like some sort of horrific flaw in it when it was like the rest of the phone was so incredibly right that the okay camera was the downside, but, now we’re looking at a flagship quality camera. And One plus has also been notoriously pretty good with updating over time and getting better with camera quality.

If One Plus 8 Pro Gcam app Mode is not Available now, but when it avialble we’ll inform you via social media and blog post.

Oxygen Os

one plus phones have long been some of my favorites precisely because of the software and optimize experience is oxygen OS on top of Android 10. And that’s no exception here for this phone.

There are tons of little tweaks, and optimizations and improvements, and little tightened up animations all over the place. But it never feels overloaded.

One Plus 8 Pro Battery and Charging

One Plus 8 Pro has a big 4510mAh battery. It is not the biggest battery in the world, but it gives you the best battery life possible when Resolution and refresh rate at the highest.

one Plus 8 Pro FEATURES

One plus phones are known for having fast charging. This One’s no exception. You still have their high-speed warp charge 30T comes in the box of One Plus 8 Pro. And that can get you from zero to the half battery in like 25 minutes.

But what’s new is the One Plus 8 Pro wireless charging. Finally, one plus is putting the little charging coil behind the glass back and enabling wireless charging. top of all that even better, it’s fast wireless charging 30W wireless charging is what they’re claiming and sharing with everyone. Which is lovely.

That’s fast that’s going to pop up from zero to half battery in half an hour. But there’s a catch you only get fast 30W wired charger in the box. The New Warp Charge 30 Wireless price is $70. You need to buy this accessory to get 30W wireless charging on this phone. So one plus has worked on this exclusive high-end wireless charging tech, and to be fair, it works fantastic as advertised.

One Plus 8 Pro Price and sale

One Plus 8 Pro Price start at $899 and $999 for 12GB+256GB storage option. One Pluss 8 Pro price in India is not confirmed yet, but it will be around Rs. 68000 to & 75000 depend on storage option.

One Plus 8 Pro sale starts from 29th April in North America.


I think One Plus able to crack the code hoe to make a great Premium Flagship Smartphone. In One Plus 8 pro, they just added everything all the hardware is not the only high number but also performs the best.

The Biggest Improvement in One Plus 8 pro is the camera they just killed it. You still not compare with Google Pixel 4xl or New Iphone 11 but they have done a great job with it.

One Plus 8 Pro Faq

  1. One Plus 8 Pro Battery Life at 120Hz

    Around 5 to 6.30h

  2. One Plus 8 Pro Price In India

    Not confirmed yet

  3. One Plus 8 Pro Sale in india

    Not confirmed yet

  4. One Plus 8 pro Gcam Apk

    In a month

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