One Plus 8 And One Plus 8 Pro Specification, Image and Price

one plus 8 specification

One Plus Official announced One plus 8 series launched date April 14. Now they are Hyping their Next flagship killer One plus 8 and One plus 8 Pro. One Plus 8 Pro Specification and beautiful design are just starting leaking online and they look promising. Based on leaked image one plus 8 official render start appearing online they look stunning. One plus series always committed to delivering one of the fastest and smoothest Android smartphone experiences. They have the best hardware and best custom Rom. 

In 2020 flagship smartphones will going to have some common features like Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, High refresh rate display, Multiple cameras, Notch less display. One Plus 7 series has all the feature that mentioned above then what the new feature they are going to add this time. 

One Plus 8 And One Plus 8 Pro Specification

One plus 8 pro specification

One Plus 8 Pro Specification is quite impressive. One plus 8 will be powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 865, which is 25% faster than the previous 855, new GPU performance while using less power. This Time One plus will use LPDDR5 RAM like Samsung Galaxy S20. They are going to use 16 GB ram in one plus 8 Pro top model and 12 Gb for the base model but in One plus 8, it will be 8GB and 12GB RAM. One Plus 8 Pro will use UFS 3.0 internal Storage and promising 1700MB/s Read and write speed. New RAM and fast storage will give us the best experience that One plus always does.

One plus Officially confirms that the new flagship will be 5G capable that is only present on One plus 8 pro 5G. One plus 8 geek bench scores also leaked and it looks promising. Oxygen Os one the Best, clean, Fast Custom ROM that is very closely related to Google stock Android experience. Because of this software One plus smartphones are very responsive and fast after extended uses. You can also check our One Plus 8 vs One Plus 8 Pro comparison article.

One Plus 8 and 8 Pro Display

One Plus 8 And One Plus 8 Pro Specification, Image and Price

Last year With One plus 7 Pro one plus launch their first 90HZ display smartphone. This is the best and fan-favorite feature present on One plus 7 pro. This feature doesn’t present on One plus 7 but this year One plus will add a high refresh rate display on both smartphones. But One plus 8 has a 90HZ FHD Super AMOLED display, and One plus 8 Pro will have 120HZ QHD Super AMOLED curved display. The display has a single cut out for the front camera. 

One Plus 8 Pro Camera

One plus also known as Flagship Killer, they just have all the feature at half price like fast CPU, RAM, Display, Battery, Fast charger but one plus devices always struggling only one department that is camera. They also try to the best but they are still far behind from the completion. In new series they will add a new quad-camera set up.  In the new smartphone series there will be a double 48 MP camera in One plus 8 pro and Single 48MP on Plus 8. This smartphone series also support 8k recording. One plus 8 Pro also have laser focus on the back.

One Plus 8 And One Plus 8 Pro Specification, Image and Price

The primary camera will be 48MP Sony IMX 689, which comes with f/1.78 while the second 48MP ultra-wide sensor comes with an f/2.2. The 8Mp shooter will be the telephoto and 5Mp will be color filter sensor. One plus also introduced improves OIS, EIS, New cinematic effect and 3 HDR videos. One plus 8 will have the 16MP ultra-wide and 8 MP telephoto sensor. On the front side, there will be a punch hole single-camera 16MP camera sensor that can also use for face unlock.

Battery and charger 

The One Plus 8 Pro will finally have a feature that always missing from company smartphones. Now it will support wireless charger at 30W and 3W reverse wireless charging. One Plus wrap charger also rated at 30W.  One Plus 8 Pro had a big 4510mAh battery and 8 have a slightly smaller 4300mAh. 

One Plus 8 and One Plus 8 Pro Specification

One Plus 8 and One Plus 8 Pro Specification are quite good and up to the standard of 2020. One Plus 8 Pro Specification is more advance than One plus 8 because it is more expensive.

One plus 8 Launch Event Announcement 

One Plus 8 And One Plus 8 Pro Specification, Image and Price

1. One Plus Bullets wireless Z earphone

They also launched there next One Plus Bullets wireless Z earphone. This will be the affordable version of the One Plus Bullets Wireless 2. One Plus Bullets wireless Z Specs are like USB 5.0, Bluetooth 5.0 and fast charging. One Plus Bullets wireless Z Price will be around 50$.

2. One Plus 30W Wireless Charger 

 One Plus 30W Wireless Charger will be launched alongside with One plus 8 Series on April 14. One Plus 30W Wireless Charger Price is not confirmed but it will be a little expensive. 

3. One Plus 8 and One plus 8 pro Sandstone cases

One Plus 8 And One Plus 8 Pro Specification, Image and Price

 One plus Sandstone cases are iconic with there looking and texture. But the problem is they are only amiable in one color. But this year for one plus 8 series, One plus Sandstone cases will be launched in multiple colors like Cyan Sandstone case, Purple Sandstone case, and iconic Black Sandstone case. There will be some Nylon cases, carbon fiber cases, and clear cases. 

One plus 8 and One Plus 8 pro Price

One Plus smartphone series known as the flagship killer but from last year One plus 7 Pro they starting to enter the premium smartphone segment. Pete Lau CEO and Co-founder of one plus share that one plus 8 series Price will be “under $1,000 US price.” Pete Lau claimed that the One Plus 8 Pro Expensive 5G version will cost less than Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, which starts ar $999.99. So maybe this will be the highest price for the One Plus 8 Pro. But One plus 8 will be comparably cheapest and the cost will be $600 to $700. 

One plus 8 Pro Launch Date and Sale

One plus 8 pro Launch date

One plus 8 will launch on April 14. But in Germany Deutsche Telekom has started  One plus 8 Blind sales. This ad says that a six-year partnership between one plus and Carrier. The benefits are like getting the latest one plus devices first with new exclusive packaging and additional one plus accessories. The Pricing will be from €890 with a €50/month and €590 with a €95/month 2-year plan. This offer will start on April 7 till the stock. 

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