Foldable phones are cool because they can hold a larger screen in your pocket. But what if the phone does not have to go into your pocket? And if you could put it around your wrist and wear it like a bracelet?

The Nubia brand has made that “if” a reality with the Nubia Alpha (also known as Nubia α) reality. It is a smartwatch with a flexible 4-inch OLED display, manufactured in collaboration with Visionox. The screen is relatively narrow and tall enough, with an aspect ratio of 36: 9 (960 x 192px), because the screen is designed to be clock-shaped.

It’s really a smartwatch, powered by the Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage (“enough for 1,000 songs,” it says). It has a custom operating system and includes movements, AIM (Air Interaction Mechanics). The 500 mAh battery promises endurance of a day or two, comparable to that of a smartphone.

But it’s also a phone, the eSIM version offers voice calls and 4G LTE connectivity. The other version of this foldable smartwatch connects to your phone via Bluetooth and the Internet via Wi-Fi.

If you choose not to use the phone, you can use the 5 megapixel camera (f / 2.2) for video calling and photography. Just rotate your wrist to move the camera in the right direction. The viewfinder is moved through a large screen and remains in view.

The Nubia Alpha is made of stainless steel and the display is covered with heat-resistant polyimide. The gold version of the watch is plated in 18ct gold. Both versions are water repellent.

The Alpha offers the usual fitness features you expect from a smart watch. It has a heart rate monitor and can monitor your sleep.

The Bluetooth version of the Nubia Alpha will be released in April and costs € 450, available only in black. The eSIM model costs € 550 if you want the gold version. China Unicom gets it first (in April), then in Europe (in the third quarter) and in North America (in the fourth quarter).

If you’re running, you may want to pack the Nubia Pods, the new, truly wireless headphones. These cost € 100 and are available from April.


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