The last leak around the Nokia 9 PureView came from Google itself on a list that was “accidentally” published in the catalog of Andorid Enterprise supported devices. The list showed a playback of the front of the phone with the screen off. However, this corresponds to the leaks we have already seen. The list has since been removed.

Nokia 9 PureView Some specs Leaked By Andriod Enterprise new Listing

The list confirms that the phone’s 6-inch screen and Android 9.0 work on board. It also mentions 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. The entry also mentions NFC fingerprint and fingerprint support, but the Nokia 9 PureView does not support “zero support,” which means company administrators can not serve certain aspects of the device. remote Control.

Otherwise, there is not much more revolutionary news from this list. The Nokia 9 PureView will be the world’s first smartphone with five cameras, and the industry expects Nokia to live up to its expectations.

The Nokia 9 will be powered by a Snapdragon 845, but rumor is it will release an updated version with Snapdragon 855 and 5G compatibility later this year. The Nokia 9 PureView is expected to be announced at the MWC opening ceremony next Sunday.

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