You’ve probably already heard from Motorola reviving the Razr brand by giving it more atmosphere for 2019 – a flexible screen. Essentially, this is a rocking phone with a touch of cutting-edge technology. We’ve seen a few schematics of how this might look, and now we have more details on the features of the software.

XDA developers got information about some features and were kind enough to share them with us. At the beginning, the second screen is placed on the back. There is no full access to all Android features. Only a few applications can access the second screen. Moto Display, Moto Actions and Moto Camera.

After unfolding, the secondary display can be used as a touchpad to scroll through web pages in Chrome. Engineers also intend to support other applications. The screen also displays up to 6 quick settings, but these are not named here.

The main camera can be used to take selfies because the secondary screen can be used as a viewfinder while the main camera captures the image with a single touch or scan. The external display also shows the clock, flashing notifications and multimedia controls. You can also set a different wallpaper for the second screen.

That’s a lot of information that inspires us for the future of Razr phones, and we can not wait for an official announcement



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