Apple is always talking about Augmented Reality, but its ambitious ambition has so far only manifested itself to consumers as ARKit apps on the iPhone and iPad. It has been widely reported that Apple has developed an AR eyewear / helmet product.

Ming-Chi Kuo today said that Apple’s first augmented reality product will go into mass production in the fourth quarter of this year, but will cover the calendar only marginally and will mass-produce at most. End of the second quarter of 2020 .

According to Kuo, the first generation of Apple’s burglar-proof glasses will depend heavily on the iPhone.

The analyst says that antireflective goggles are mainly used as a display for computer services, rendering, Internet connection, and localization provided by the iPhone in the user’s pocket. It is assumed that pairing like Apple Watch works wirelessly, but is not explicitly stated in the report.

Depending on the iPhone, Apple could develop an AR helmet that is much easier and more comfortable to wear than trying to store everything in the device like Oculus Go, but there are also obvious questions. Find out how long your iPhone’s battery needs to be sacrificed to optimize the RA experience on your face. Even with the iPhone for a brain Apple has to integrate many technologies in the glasses, z. B. display and associated depth sensors.

The chronology corresponds to a Bloomberg report published almost two years ago. Starting in 2020 would have been defined as an aggressive internal target. The jury still has not figured out how much the anti-reflux goggles can be convincing and useful. Apple clearly insists that success lies in the rendezvous. If the manufacturing industry accelerates at the end of 2019, a public product launch in 2020 seems to be planned.



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