Microsoft Office 365 releases on Mac App Store

Microsoft releases Office 365 on Mac App Store


Microsoft has finally released the Microsoft Office 365 applications on the Mac App Store. All Microsoft Office 365 applications are now available for download, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive. Customers can also purchase an Microsoft Office 365 subscription directly through apps, which is required to use apps.

Microsoft releases Office 365 on Mac App Store

Microsoft has updated the applications to be compatible with macOS. These include features like the Mojave Dark Mode mode, the Continuity Camera (which allows you to scan and view a document on your iPhone) instantly on your Mac) and support for the Touchbar on compatible Macs.

Microsoft releases Office 365 on Mac App Store

Microsoft Office 365 has been available on the Mac for years, but is always available on the Microsoft website. It was back in the day, but nowadays more and more people are relying on the App Store to get all their apps. If you do not have your software in the store, it will cause additional friction for the user and in some cases will ensure. Do not download it at all.

While this change has been coming a long way, it’s nice to see Microsoft finally make the transition and even offer an in-app subscription, even if Apple has to cut costs.



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