It seems that Xiaomi will focus more on the design of his next flagship product than on Mi 8. Xiaomi’s product manager Wang Teng Thomas showed that the Xioami Mi 9 was designed by the person behind the Mi 6. Mi Liu. The Mi 6 was undoubtedly the most beautiful flagship product of Xiaomi (sorry Mi Mix) with seamless mirror finish, curved square glass and blue and gold paint finishes.

Mi Liu designed the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 9, the man that designed the Xioami Mi 6

Mi 9 should be around the corner. We have seen some supposed renderings. We expect a triple camera (including 48 MPa), a Snapdragon 855 chipset and a very fast charge

Xiaomi will probably be waiting at the end of the month after the MWC to introduce the Mi 9.

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