The LG G8 ThinQ fled again, this time in a very official version of evleaks.The new image shows the phone from all sides and confirms that it is strikingly similar to the current V40 ThinQ.

The facade of the G8 is similar to that of the V40, has a notched design and, despite everything, a fairly thick bezel at the top. Unlike the V40, the G8 seems to have only one camera in front.

Everything on the pages is in line with expectations, including the launch button for Google Assistant. It’s good to see that LG still has a headphone jack, but we’re not sure if the speakers are stereo or mono.

On the back, the phone still looks like the V40, but with one less camera. We will probably see the wide and regular combination that LG has had since the G5 on the G series.

PS: The wallpaper can be found here.

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