It was inevitable Chinese tech firm Lenovo introduced the world’s first “foldable PC,” a laptop with a foldable screen in reality. It has a folding 13.3-inch OLED display and runs on Android. Lenovo is in no hurry to release it, it will do twice as many screen-hogging tests as usual and release it as a ThinkPad X1 device in the first half of 2020.

This is a LG display with a resolution of 2K, which is folded inwards to protect the screen. Half folded, it works like a laptop with “the screen” in the top half and the on-screen keyboard in the bottom half. Unfolded you get a 4: 3 display.
A Wacom pen is also supported (it snaps to the side of the device) and can also be used with a Bluetooth keyboard. It’s much smaller than a standard 13.3-inch laptop, and unlike Lenovo’s two-screen yoga books, you can use the full screen (no frame in the middle).

We do not know anything about the specifications that an Intel processor (probably a ULV processor) will deliver. Prices are not yet known – these details should be clarified when approaching the start date.