Leaked photo confirms Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has an in-display fingerprint scanner

Samsung will launch the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 tomorrow, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 on August 5

Samsung will introduce the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 later in the day, but a few hours before the revelation, a leak has occurred that confirms an important detail of the tablet.

The Galaxy Tab S6 will not only be the first Samsung tablet with two reversing cameras, but also the world’s first tablet with an in-Display fingerprint scanner. An image of the tablet that Evan Blass shared on Twitter is the source of this information.

Confirming an integrated fingerprint reader should be good news for owners of the Galaxy Tab S3 who have not updated their system over the past year. On the S3 tab, there is a front-end fingerprint scanner below the screen below the physical home button. Switching to the Galaxy Tab S6 should therefore be easy, as the integrated fingerprint scanner is technically mounted on the front.


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