April15 , 2024

    Huawei P30 teaser videos leaked and it focus on the night mode and zoom capabilities



    Huawei Mall has released two promotional videos for the new Huawei P30. The first one announces a “super bright” image, though it is not clear if this means a very bright display or a night mode for the camera (P20 and Mate 20 are quite powerful in this regard).

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    The teaser’s next video is easier to guess – “Super Close” refers to the P30 Pro’s 5x periscope camera. Zooming is an important part of Huawei’s teaser campaign, even if you do not want to put teasers in a nutshell.

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    Anyway, here is another video (this is not from an official account) that is an allusion to the moon photo. It looks like an excerpt from a trailer in Spanish, the text says “something happens”, “10 years are not enough”, “get ready for the next level of smartphone development.”

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