How to Order Online from JioMart on WhatsApp

Order Online from JioMart

The New Local Grocery delivery service JIOMart in India. Now JIOMart is only available in 3 cities Thane, Kalyan, and Navi Mumbai. JIOMart will be operated through the world’s biggest message app WhatsApp. In this article, we will explain to you how to Order Online from JIOMart on Whatsapp App.

1. Order Online from JIOMart on WhatsApp

  1. Save JIO Mart Contact NumberSave JIO Mart Official contact Number 8850008000 on your contact list after that refresh your contact list on WhatsApp. JIOMart Whatsapp Business account will appear on your WhatsApp contact list.
  2. Text JIoMart – Click On JIOMart contact name, and the JIO Mart chat window will open. After opening the JIO Mart chat window, Send “HI.” After that, JIO Mart will send you a link. This JIOMart Order placing link will be available for two days.
  3. Fill Form – Open that JIOMart Link and a form will appear. Fill this JIOMart Order placing Form like your address, House number, Mobile Number, etc. After that, click to proceed.
  4. Select Product – After that, a JioMart Product page will appear. You can see the Product available for purchase on JIOMart. Choose your essential Product and click on Place Order.
  5. Order Confirmation – After Placing order a JIOMart order confirmation Page with the total payable amount appears. This JIOMart Bill also sends to your WhatsApp.
  6. Pick Your JIo Mart Order – After that confirmation message, JIOMart will inform you when the product is available for the pickup via WhatsApp. JIOMart doesn’t provide home delivery. So you have picked up your Product and pay on the cash. JIOMart uses Google maps service for finding Groceries store.

As we said, JIOMart is only available in 2 cities and only cash option. With JIOMart, reliance will push their brand to the consumer.


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